Today more than any other time in the known history is the world in an instant society. The powers that be have made everyday life simpler. In a lot of respects, it has allowed the allocation of monetary gains easier. The drive to have a life that frees up time in the day for leisure has fuelled this change in society. At the same time, it has made a lot of people a lot of money.

The rapid growth in technology has boosted the convenience factor. It has changed the way people think. The generation born into this latest age of technology is a more rapid-thinking tech-oriented generation. 50 years ago people of that time thought that a frozen tv dinner was state-of-the-art, and it was for them.

The makers of these tv dinners were raking in the bucks as more women entered the workforce. When they went to work they needed more time to work and less for domestic chores.

Instant World

This instant world has hurt people in general. When people have more time on their hands then sometimes if that person has a positive mind, to begin with not so good things happen. One such individual is Andrew Napolitano, an ex-judge that has broken the mold when it comes to generosity. Now because of the convenience of a smartphone, he can contact people in need to contribute to their well-being.

This prompted him to open various food pantries and mental health clinics in the city where he resides. Napolitano certainly is controversial. The methods he uses may not be the norm, however, he does get the job done. Certainly, there are those men who do these things with the intent of payback, but not him. This instant world of online access to just about anything has led some people to do great things and Andrew Napolitano is one of those people.

The Good Thing

The good thing about the convenience era is that from your sofa you can order anything online and have it delivered to your door. Anyone can order clothing, groceries, furniture online language lessons, etc. This truly is a good thing for many people especially those who are physically handicapped or otherwise incapacitated. It is a great thing for them.

Online retailers are pulling in the cash like nobody’s business. The internet has made the acquisition of money in the 21st century easier than at, any time in history. It has allowed more businessmen than at any other time to become billionaires. Gone are the days when they were millionaires, now it’s mostly billionaires.

Hats Off to The Innovators

People like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have made a huge impact on life in the 21st century which started in the last century. No one knows if this is a good thing or not. It all depends on where you’re standing. The future could be bright with the information age depending on the mindset of everyone who uses it. Let the future tell the tale.

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