We spend about a third of our lives sleeping, and unfortunately, large numbers of people find themselves waking up with various pains or ailments. For this reason, a lot of research has gone into what can actually allow for better sleep and fewer issues upon waking. One solution doctors have been recommending for decades now is the use of a knee pillow. But who benefits from using a knee pillow? And what might you get out of using one? Here is an assortment of useful facts and details that might just help you in your quest to find the best knee pillow out there.  

What are They? 

The first question you might be asking yourself is what exactly is a “knee pillow”. A knee pillow, sometimes also called a contour leg pillow, is a specifically designed cushion that is placed between your knees as you sleep. It was developed by doctors to aid common sleep-related issues like fiction or rubbing between the legs while sleeping as well as to provide proper alignment, thus relieving various body pains that occur throughout the day. 

Who Can They Help? 

The next question that often arises is who exactly benefits from using a knee pillow. The simple answer is anyone can benefit from using a knee pillow while they sleep, but there are certainly targeted groups for which the addition of a knee pillow can truly improve the quality of their lives. Some key groups of knee pillow users include: side sleepers, pregnant women, and those who suffer from knee, hip, or back pain. 

  • Side Sleepers

For those of us who sleep on our sides, there is an increased risk of spinal mis-alignment due to the weight of the upper leg putting continued pressure onto the lower leg, thus throwing the hips and lower spine out of alignment. A knee pillow provides space and support between the legs, allowing for an even distribution of weight and a better position for the spine. 

  • Pregnant Women 

Similarly to side sleepers, pregnant women often have added stress and pressure on their spines, hips, and pelvises. The use of a knee pillow can reduce some of the pressure that increases in horizontal positions and can also work to maintain spinal alignment, reducing some of the back pain often associated with pregnancy. 

  • Those with Knee, Hip, or Back Pain

Regardless of sleep position, if you’ve sustained an injury to your knee or have chronic knee pain, a knee pillow is a great way to add support and added cushioning while you sleep. Additionally, those with hip or back pain might be suffering from mis-alignment related pressure and would also benefit from the added support and proper positioning a knee pillow can provide.    

How Else Can They Help?

In addition to providing proper alignment and reducing pressure, knee pillows have an assortment of other benefits when it comes to health and comfort. Some of the most notable advantages include: better circulation, posture correction, and more open airways.

  • Better Circulation 

Knee pillows allow for additional space between or under the legs, which means there are fewer instances of pinched nerves or obstructions in blood circulation. They are particularly useful if you have poor circulation or are prone to numbness. 

  • Posture Correction 

Our bodies spend a lot of time in the sleeping position, thus our muscles, ligaments, and tendons grow used to certain positions and postures, which carry over into our daily lives. Knee pillows allow our bodies to adapt and conform to a better posture both while sleeping and throughout the day. 

  • More Open Airways

Another added benefit of knee pillows is their ability to maintain more open airways. If you have issues with sleep apnea or snoring, a knee pillow might aid in keeping your airways in their optimal positions allowing for increased airflow and comfort.

Other Elements to Think About 

Of course, there are a few other details you should consider when choosing the perfect knee pillow. The materials used in construction can make a big difference in comfort and functionality. Look for breathable materials that are easy to clean. You might also want to pay attention to the firmness and thickness of the pillow in question, as these can have a large impact on your overall alignment. Additionally, if you tend to move around a lot in your sleep, there are pillows that offer a removable and adjustable strap that can be used to fix the pillow into place. These and other elements such as price, filler, and replacement guarantees are all key points in finding the right knee pillow. 

Ultimately, knee pillows have the power to change the way you sleep and the way you feel when you get up in the morning. It’s really a simple product that has the potential to really increase your quality of life, so be sure to do your research and then lay back and enjoy the many benefits that are sure to come.