The legal industry is extremely competitive on account of the financial rewards associated with sustained success. There are some niches of law that are more competitive than others though. Personal injury is the perfect example as one single client can bring in millions in revenue to the firm.

Digital marketing is now the most important aspect of attracting new clients. While some people will opt for those law firms they see on TV, others will do their research online.

Growing your law firm is going to take a focus on digital marketing which can entail a number of different factors. The following are things you should know about digital marketing for growth at your law firm

Your Website Needs to Be Flawless 

Redesigning your website without losing rankings needs to be done by professionals. Losing your current rankings could result in thousands of dollars of work being lost. The website’s main goal should be to set appointments with potential clients.

A phone consult can be important as well as some people do not have time to meet face to face. The firm’s phone number and location should be easy to find on the website.

The team of attorneys at a firm should also be highlighted as people want to know the background of a person representing them. The website should also be optimized for mobile devices as people utilize these in a huge way. A firm does not want to lose all clients that search for legal help on their phone or tablet. 

Informative Written and Video Content is Important 

Content marketing is going to be the lifeblood of any digital marketing strategy. Informative written content on topics that are frequently searched is important.

A DUI lawyer having an article about what you should do if pulled over is a perfect example. Written content should be optimized with keywords but should be written for the reader more than search engines. Top SEO content writers can provide a well-written piece of content that flows well but also hits the desired keyword density.

Video content or even podcasting can be very important as not all people enjoy reading. Even allowing visitors to your site to listen to an article is important. Take time to create quality content in a variety of forms to see which delivers the best ROI on the marketing spend. 

Targeting The Right Keywords Will Maximize ROI

You are going to need to enlist the help of a digital marketing agency at one point or another. Building an in-house marketing team can be expensive and doesn’t guarantee results. You can even supplement your current marketing team with freelancers or an agency. Targeting the right keywords when doing all types of digital marketing is imperative. Keyword research is relatively simple for someone that has been doing this for years. 

Encourage Satisfied Clients to Leave Reviews 

There are a number of review websites for law firms that you can leverage. Asking satisfied clients to leave a review can drive up the firm’s rating. Monitoring these reviews is important as responding to unsatisfied clients can be important. Not everybody is going to be happy though as a criminal defense attorney can be blamed for jail time even though their client was extremely guilty. 

Growing your law firm should be done with digital marketing and a focus on the client. A great reputation for winning cases of all sizes will definitely help with growth as well. Take your firm’s future into your hands by putting a focus on digital marketing.

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