In a company, managers have the capability to either break or make the organizations in which they work for. Great managers are the ones that will do all that it takes to at least try and encourage their employees to attain full potential. This will in turn help their respective organizations be able to reach their required goals. Managers who are dictators in their way of leadership, will on the other hand be a great discouragement to the workers and personnel, hence productivity will even be reduced greatly. Because of this therefore, it is important that the manager of any given organization of firms, be able to possess the right traits that will be of great positive impact to the given organization. CEO Shalom Lamm believes that the best managers serve as role models to their employees and makes the work environment positive and cohesive. 

Qualities of a Good Manager

1.Focuses on the Strength of the Employees

A manager that has the ability to greatly focus on the strengths of their employees instead of their weaknesses has the ability to help a company grow positively. This is so because, the immediate time any employee finds out that the manager believes in them, then they will be greatly motivated towards doing their very best. They will in turn love their jobs, and be inclined towards offering their very best in all they do. The general effect of this at the end of the day at the company will be positive results and great efficiency.

2.They Are Great Leaders

Managers should generally focus on becoming leaders that are good in all that they do in their respective places of work. This is where the focus should be, instead of them trying to execute authority by being unapproachable and unnecessarily stern towards those under them. Seeking to become a good leader will ensure that a manager is working to coach everyone they are in charge of towards great success. This they can do by inspiring and motivating other employees to do better in all that they do by leading by example.

3.Good Managers Are Very Kind and Empathetic

A good manager in any organization whatsoever is supposed to be very empathetic and kind to those they are in charge of. Being distant emotionally and very indifferent to the employees a manager is in charge of will work to very negatively affect the employees. This is because of the low morale and lack of motivation that the latter are very likely to experience. Because of this therefore, it is very important that managers become more empathetic and kind to their juniors at the workplace. By so doing, the employees will feel appreciated and cared for, and this will in turn translate to the productivity they give at the workplace.

Shalom Lamm greatly believes that having good managers is a very important asset in any company. This is because any company that has a great manager will end up having employees that are so well motivated and self-driven towards wanting to do their best for the company to bear positive results. Additionally, a good manager will bear the perfect leadership skills that will catapult the company to greater heights.

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