Shalom Lamm – An Entrepreneurial Pioneer

Shalom Lamm is certainly a man qualified to assist budding entrepreneurs get their business off the ground. Shalom graduated from Yeshiva University and then earned a Master’s Degree from American Military University before starting a successful real estate development company and a highly rewarding and worthwhile non-profit organization called Operation Benjamin. An entirely separate article could be written about Lamm’s work with Operation Benjamin, but for now we will focus on what lessons we can learn from his entrepreneurial spirit when trying to start your own successful business.

Lammis aware that most early-stage business owners are not given the golden ticket of a large investment round. Just as he did in his early days, new business owners will often need to come up with and grow their own ideas organically. To do so takes an enormous amount of passion and belief in what you are doing. In order to stick with the process through the many trials and pitfalls of entrepreneurship, having a right mindset is of paramount importance. A high level of perseverance will be necessary.

Another guiding principle that Lamm teaches when growing your own business is to believe in yourself. As stated previously, there will be many roadblocks that pop up as you start your own business and without a resolute belief in yourself and your ideas it will be tempting to give up too early.

A third valuable thing to remember when getting your business off the ground is that any previous business experience can be very helpful. Having this previous experience, even if it is at a low level company or a company that doesn’t fit your end goal, can be advantageous in giving you something to look back on for a much needed confidence boost. Additionally, any connections or relationships you may develop from previous experience can often prove valuable.

Another thing that Lamm states is a must when getting your own business off the ground is the ability to network and speak well in public. This can help you portray the confidence necessary when speaking to potential clients or business partners. Lamm recommends practicing with your family to gain confidence in this area.

A fifth pointer that Lamm recommends for growing your business is to hone your management techniques. Whether through seminars, books, or direct mentorship it is imperative that people joining your team feel confidence in their leader and that there are clear goals and directives in place. This can only happen if you, as a business owner, have clear management strategies established. Being a good leader also ties into many of the points already mentioned. A successful manager will have a positive attitude and strong belief in oneself. This culture of belief will then work itself throughout the business.

Lastly, Shalom Lamm says that to be productive as a young entrepreneur you must be open to new ideas. Be willing to hear from your peers and employees and treat them as equals. You never know when one of them might have any idea that launches your business to the next level.

Given his business and entrepreneurial pedigree, Shalom Lamm is certainly someone to pay attention to as you seek to get your business off the ground!

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