DIY Backpack Velcro

I got this 40L rucksack marked down as an end of the week pack, however it was inadequate with regards to one little fixable detail: Velcro patches for my ID and Texas banner fix. I made a snappy, modest outing to my nearby Wal-Mart for the accompanying: 

* One container of super paste 

* One bundle of dark Velcro WITH glue backing 

The patches were one that I had from my last pack and an old Obey fix I pulled off my old cap. 

Stage 1: Find Your Center 

You need to make the velcro fix focused on the sack for stylish purposes. Utilize a measuring tape and will work! 

Stage 2: Trial Run 

Utilize the cement as of now on the velcro strips to daintily join your strips to the sack. Guarantee that the pack is pulled tight while applying the cement and be certain that the strips contact and are straight. I joined the patches for a brief glance (see second pic.) 

Stage 3: Make It Strong 

 Always be careful when working with super paste! You are working with a ground-breaking cement that dries rapidly. Adhere to all material directions on the bundle. 

I utilized the super paste to fortify the prior cement. I made crisscrosses on the strips before immovably squeezing them onto the pack. In particular, draw lines around the fringes of the fix (see first pic.) Remember that the super paste will overflow a piece when you push the strips down. This will shield the sides of the velcro from fraying up over the long haul. 

Stage 4: Enjoy! 

This cycle can be rehashed on any part of the pack! Have some good times and offer where you add patches to YOUR knapsacks!