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Creating a Brand Image

Differentiating your business from the competition is an important part of any marketing strategy. A brand image that you create can set you apart. Your brand image includes all the things that evoke what your company or product stands for: logos, colors, slogans, fonts, and more. Every part of your brand creates a bond with your customers.

1. Where to Start

It is essential to define the exact audience you are trying to reach: buyers and users. A buyer has an immediate need for your product or service. A user is a person who uses your products or services continuously. For example, restaurant owners can have a universal brand image even though their products and services may be aimed at a specific type of consumer.

2. Analysis

Dr. Jordan Sudberg, says that the process of branding begins with an analysis of your company’s strengths and weaknesses and how consumers perceive you. Next, consider the image you want for your product or service. Choose a logo or symbol that represents it well. Then consider your color scheme, fonts, and packaging materials.

3. Tips to Consider

According to Dr. Sudberg, branding is not just for large corporations. You could make a significant impact by branding your small business or as an individual. Free online tools make creating corporate logos and brand images easy. You can also design your website and assign your emails. By branding yourself professionally, you will look more dependable and increase your self-confidence.

Pleasure and utility:

How does the product make you feel? Does it bring pleasure, and is it useful? For example, a weight loss diet pill will give you the energy to get through the day after you exercise. Most people consider that beneficial and would want to use this product again.

Convenience and simplicity:

Does the product require too much effort, or are there simple substitutes? For example, using a laptop computer might be inconvenient as you may have to search for an Internet connection, and it may take a while to figure out how to operate the computer. But most people would not consider that inconvenience a significant factor in rebuying this product.

Love and passion

Is there a passion behind the product? This is an essential aspect to consider. For example, Dom Perignon Champagne is regarded as one of the best sparkling wines in the world. Time, energy, and money have gone into making superior sparkling wine. It may cost more than a similar-tasting wine, but some people will buy this brand due to its passion.

A brand image is a set of attitudes and associations consumers make around a company, product, or service. That relationship can be positive or negative, depending on what a consumer thinks about the perceived quality of the product or service. Your customers’ trust in you is essential. This trust will help them overcome their fears of purchasing from you and using your products and services on an ongoing basis.
Dr. Jordan Sudberg knows that everyone wants to have a positive brand image. Customers want to buy from a company they trust and are willing to pay more for a superior product or service. Branding is an essential key to their decision. If your brand is strong, you will have a competitive advantage over your competitors.

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