Everyone wants to be treated equally. Especially when that refrains to being at work. The worst thing to think of is being treated unfairly with the pay. Just for example starting a new job, everyone wants the same pay when first starting out. Let’s say that a guy starts working the exact same day and hour. The only thing that may be different may be the pay. He might get more pay because they believe he may be able to lift more weight than any girl. Which is not always the case, this does happen in some cases. So therefore they gave him more pay for that reason. Yet they will realize later on that the girl could lift more weight. One thing that many employers do is think because he is a guy that he can do more. Which is not always the case.

If men and women were put side by side there is always going to be a difference. Employers should remember great things come in small packages. When it comes to pay for one they should be the same for people just starting out for everyone. We all agree with Helen Lee Schifter on men and women working equally. Women can handle the same jobs as men can. No one should get a pay raise just because they are male or female. The only thing that should be looked at is things like are they arriving to work on time? Is the work being completed before they leave at the end of the day, or if it’s being left for someone else to do? Even ask the question if they are giving it all they have? Small things like this are going to be a major factor in seeing how much a person should get if anything for a pay raise. Amazing workers find this to be true. It should not matter if it’s a male or female. All that should matter in this day or age is a person’s work ethic. Most if not all research on a person is their work ethic from previous employers.

With time change this is one of the main factors that new employers will ask for. Some new employers will call and verify to make sure the information is correct, and some will not. Helen Lee Schifter also stands with us on dealing with our pay. That again comes into play with the work ethic that we have. The ones that get the best pay are the ones that stand out. Which could be a bad or good thing for them depending on if they do good work. New employers also look to make sure that there are no problems with other employees and yourself. All of these things will help when coming to closing the gender gap. Also if someone needs help, make sure to help them with their work. It not only shows love for your work, but that you’re going that extra mile. Employers love that, it will also help with a better pay raise. All this will help with closing the gender gap, and help with your new job. I hope this has helped, informed, and wished the best of luck.

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