Our history shows us that many men and women have tried to change the world. While a few of these individuals were successful, most weren’t, and this is why this post focuses on highlighting how we can change the world by first changing ourselves.

Truth be told, changing the world seems like an impossible task. With that in mind, we should also reflect on the magnitude of what we want to embark on as this will guide us on the best course of action in our journey to change the world.

Here is something to reflect upon. In the past, individuals who tried to change the world prioritized making wide-sweeping changes in the political arena and around the social structures that strengthened the existing status quo. Most of these people were not successful, and we believe it is because they took the wrong approach. In their quest to change the world, these revolutionary minds tried to go up against “political” and “social” structures that had long been in existence, only to realize that upstaging these structures was next to impossible.

Upon the realization that changing the world is a mean feat, the individuals who once harbored dreams of changing the world’s systems and structures began to give up their daring dreams. Also, instead of nurturing their dreams, they replaced them with “realistic” goals that other people whispered to them. Does this sound familiar? If it does, read along to find out how changing the world can be achieved by changing ourselves.

Changing Ourselves to Change the World

Father Rutler believes no one is perfect. He explains that “While Only God is Good, Everyone Can Be Perfect”, —as he cites Matt. 5:48. Rutler is considered a treasured icon of the catholic faith, one of the best preachers in the United States, and a beloved advocate of the catholic faith. It is, therefore, evident that Rutler believes that we can achieve perfection with the help of God. The revered catholic priest also explains that God’s immortal goodness brings perfection to what is mortal.

One important lesson we can learn from Rutler is that our quest to change the world should begin by changing ourselves, and not the world. When we do this, we become the change we want to see, feel, and be part of, and this allows us to bring forth genuine change in our lives and those around us—which is the world.

Yes, there are changes we can make in how we live our everyday life if we want to see a holistic improvement in our lives, the lives of those we care about, our neighbors, and even the strangers who happen to share our days with us.

Father Rutler would urge us to be conscious of the humanity of other people irrespective of their; race, ethnicity, religion, gender, social & financial background, age, and even sexual orientation. Once we can do this, respecting other individuals, treating people with dignity, and respecting opinions we don’t share would come naturally, thereby allowing us to forge better communities and a better world.

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