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Business Communication Tactics

Communication could greatly impact the success of a business and its relationships with other stakeholders. According to Jonathan Osler San Francisco there are several communication tactics that a business may use, any of which may be appropriate to a particular situation. The following are some of the business communication tactics that an organization may employ,

1. Direct communication

It is important to be as direct as possible in all situations in order to convey a message. When direct communication is used, the audience will know the intentions of the speaker and will be able to respond accordingly. It is always important that the speaker ask questions so as to clarify any misunderstandings. For example, if a manager wishes to inform her employees of a new policy that she has devised they should clearly communicate the policy and its impacts.

2.Create an open environment

When an organization encourages an open environment where its individuals feel comfortable to express their opinions and ideas there is more chance that creativity will be noted and where new ideas can emerge. This is important as an open environment will help to engage the employees in the company’s activities thus making them more motivated. A good example of this would be where a company asks its employees to send anonymous ideas that they have to their management in order to improve the way they do things.

3.Meet with employees in person

It is important for top management to meet with employees face to face in order for them to convey messages. This is because it will enable them to build a good relationship with the employees and even personalize the message being delivered. An example of this would be where, a CEO of the company visits an outlet of his company and presents gifts to his employees while reminding them of the job they are doing. The result should be that employees are more motivated, committed and loyal to their organization.

4.Use visuals where appropriate

It is a known fact that visuals are able to create excitement and interest, and this should be used when appropriate. Jonathan Osler San Francisco recommends that businesses should use visual aids in order to enhance verbal presentations. It is important that the visual supports the messages being transmitted so that all stakeholders can understand the message being sent. An example of this would be where a new product is being launched and an organization uses a video of an employee talking about the new product while showing images of other companies using the same product.

5.Be open to feedback

An organization must be willing to accept feedback from all stakeholders and not just a selected few. The organization should strive to communicate the message in a way that all stakeholders can understand and one that is acceptable to all stakeholders. It is important that the message being transmitted is easily understood by everyone as this will help to build positive relationships with all parties involved.

Bottom line

Business communication tactics are actions which can be employed by organizations to communicate their messages to all stakeholders in a more effective manner. The above communication tactics are just examples of the different tactics that can be used to improve business communication and consequently its success.

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