With many states now legalizing the use of marijuana, the cannabis industry is attracting hundreds of top-tier candidates who are adventurous, professional, open-minded and talented. The truth is that if you want a job in the marijuana trade, you should be keen on entering the industry at the ground level and working your way up. Experience is key here, and there are places where you can even earn a degree toward a career in the cannabis field. Read more the tips below to get started on your career journey today.

Seek Out the Right Niche

Cannabis is not a small shop setup. It has several different sectors which most people have never considered. You need to find the right niche, from research and development to distribution, manufacturing, retail, cultivation, science, patient care, packaging, lobbying and legal. 

Find out the sector that interests you the most and then take steps to secure a job in that sector. In fact, you could find your newest passion when you get down to researching what different sectors have to offer. Again, the marijuana industry is not for money-mongers (though there is a lot of money to go around). It is for truly passionate people that believe in the benefits of cannabis. 

Enroll in a Cannabis College

For any job position, employers ask for work experience and past references. In the absence of relevant experience, the next best thing is to get the right education and credentials. Going to a cannabis college will not only look good on your resume, it will also let the employer know that you are serious about the job.

Organizations are doing their best to break away from the pot smoking “hippie” stereotype. Having a proper education from a reputed cannabis college shows that you are professional and passionate about joining the marijuana industry. In these courses, you learn more than just local and state laws; you also get certified by taking compliance courses, which means potential employers will not have to invest time and resources in training you.

Get Serious About Job Hunting 

There are not hundreds, but thousands of marijuana jobs listed online. While finding the right niche is important, you also need to make sure you pick the right company. The more research you do, the more you will learn about the different cannabis-specific job boards, placement agencies and organizations. 

You need to find the right match, especially if you are just starting out. It is possible you may have to relocate depending on the current laws in your area but relocating for work is what Americans have been doing for years. Make sure your employers are supportive and upfront about how they work. Or else, you may be out looking for another job soon. 

You Need to Look Extra-professional

You need to dress the part if you want any job. This could not be truer for the cannabis industry. Companies are eager to show their law-abiding and professional side while distancing from stereotypes. Don’t go in looking casual or like you are in to buy a coffee.