With the ever-growing technological environment, the world’s usual way of doing things has changed dramatically. Every aspect of what we used to have in the past is changing. Money being part of our daily life has also not been left behind in terms of change. This article will discuss what cryptocurrency is and get to know the basic information about how it works as suggested by Judge Napolitano.

What is Cryptocurrency? 

This is a modern form of digital currency which uses cryptography as security. The majority of the cryptocurrencies, unlike money, can operate without a central authority. Instead, it operates through a distributed ledger which enables the distribution of power among the community of the specific cryptocurrency.

How does Cryptocurrency Operate?

Earlier, we talked about the distributed ledger used in cryptocurrency; this ledger is called blockchain and is made up of blocks that bear individual transaction information. The transaction information has to be time stamped and placed in the ledger to enable verification of each transaction by other blockchain stakeholders. This will prevent it from being altered. To maintain the security of the blockchain during a transfer, users have to agree to pay a certain amount.

Cryptocurrency Mining

This is the reward one gets from verifying transactions on a blockchain. Each time a transaction of a blockchain is added to a block, it is encrypted. Therefore, this will ensure that the transactions are verified for accuracy before the blockchain can add transactions to the following block. Here is where miners get their opportunity. Using their computing power, they solve complex mathematical problems to verify the transactions in a block on the blockchain.

The person who will solve the problem fast and manage to verify all the transactions involved in a block will be rewarded with a fee for their services. This method involving securing a blockchain is known as proof of work.

How Safe is Cryptocurrency?

When discussing the security of cryptocurrency, two factors have to be considered: investment and storage.

Cryptocurrency has both risks and benefits; it is just like any other currency. The unique thing about cryptocurrency is its gain and losses happen faster than currency investments. There are a lot of traders who have reaped a lot with cryptocurrency. Others have experienced significant losses.

Storage of cryptocurrency is keeping your acquired cryptocurrency in a wallet which is a crypto storage device. This encrypting technology used to keep the cryptocurrency safe has to continuously evolve to cope with the threats, which are also becoming more innovative.

Is it Possible to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency can’t be bought and sold like other currencies. It requires a trader to use a cryptocurrency exchange to facilitate the purchase.

Is Cryptocurrency a Legal Thing?

This question is majorly dependent on the country the trader comes from as suggested by Judge Napolitano. In some countries, the trade of cryptocurrency is acceptable. In others, it is illegal.

What Makes Cryptocurrency Popular? 

Traders of crypto see cryptocurrency as the future currency, which pushes many to go after it. Since the central bank is not involved in the transaction, this acts as a significant advantage to some people.

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