4 Ways to Use Social Media to Bring Customers to Your Spa

The beauty treatments available at med spas are a great way for people to address cosmetic issues. One of the pitfalls of owning a med spa, however, is acquiring new customers who are not educated on the benefits of spa treatments. Let’s explore the 4 ways social media can help below:

1: Before-and-After Photos

Creating a professional profile on Instagram to share photos of clients can attract attention. You can encourage customers to participate by offering them discounts or blurring out their faces if it is not relevant to the treatment.

Before-and-after photos give customers a real-world example of the potential benefits. They also use the bandwagon effect to break down inhibitions. A med spa can gain popularity by posting regular photos of beauty enhancements and using that following to spread word-of-mouth advertising.

2: Influencers

Hiring influencers to plug your business can significantly boost interest. Influences are people who have developed a reputation and online following. They become trusted sources of information and add credibility to marketing, in the same manner, a celebrity endorsement may.

The logic is that celebrities and online celebrities (influencers) are personally scrupulous about what types of products or services they promote. After all, they stand to lose a lot of stock and supporters if someone follows their advice and experiences a bad reaction.

A new med spa can link the influencer’s posts onto their website or create their own social media page to feature it. This will create a more targeted bandwagon effect and overcome the reluctance of many consumers to try new things.

3: Educational Platforms

Med spas can use educational platforms, such as YouTube, to generate interest. Dispelling myths about med spa treatments and providing educational videos on how painless and easy the treatments can be will diminish psychological barriers.

These videos can, likewise, be incorporated into a Facebook business profile, for example. Developing an online presence by generating educational content works best if the productions are professional. Professionalism is what adds psychological value to products and services. Unprofessional home videos that feature jokes and inappropriate subject matter will reduce the benefit.

4: Paid Advertisements

Paying for advertisements on YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms can create a buzz for the spa and generate customers. These ads can be targeted to a specific local demographic to conserve funds. Targeted advertisements can be expensive, however, and should be used sparingly for special events unless they prove successful and pay for themselves.

You can also use paid advertisements on Facebook to promote your business. This would be a great place to offer promotional pricing for first-time customers. The biggest hurdle with the health spa business model is customer acquisition. Once customers have tried the services, they are often predisposed to trying other therapies and procedures after they see the benefits for themselves.

Fear is the biggest adversary of med spas. Clients may have seen horror stories of horribly disfigured women and find themselves emotionally tied up. It is important to reassure customers that such cases are extremely rare and that your med spa has the experience and training to avoid the mistakes that all wish to avoid.