4 Ways to Create Social Media That Resonates with Customers

Small business owners often have a tendency to write a large number of social media posts as though they were throwing ideas at the wall and trying to find out what sticks. While they might eventually stumble across something that works well for them, this isn’t the most effective way of dealing with the brainstorming process. Try out these creative ways to reach customers and there’s a good chance that they’ll respond positively to the posts they come across.

1. Always Use More Than One Type of Media

In all likelihood, written posts and snapshots will take up most of your social feed. Don’t forget about other ways of sharing a message, however. Some people are going to respond best to a video, especially if it shows them the way a product works. Others may prefer a podcast. Consider releasing interviews as wave files embedded into a social media timeline. Tech-savvy users will download these and put them on a smart speaker or other device so that they can listen to them at their leisure. That gives your brand the opportunity to reach them at times you’d never otherwise be able to.

2. Dial Everything into Your Clients’ Needs

Netizens usually like to interact with wacky content, which is why so many brands try humor when they’re authoring new social posts. Everything should be somehow connected to the kinds of things that your customers care about, however, so don’t start to address hot-button issues that aren’t related to their needs. In some cases, getting too far off the beaten path can actually run a company into legal problems. Successful campaigns in restrictive industries like cigar and tobacco sales are a great example since individuals working in these fields have had to find creative ways to share messages that really resonate with their respective clients.

3. Explore Lesser-Known Social Media Outlets

Everyone uses the major services, but there are countless alternative social outlets that are underused. When you post on one of these, there’s a high probability that you’ll be the only company in your sector on it. Newer distributed digital platforms give smaller businesses a chance to resonate with customers who wouldn’t have ever come across their material if they were put on any of the major services due to how crowded they’ve already become.

4. Link Back to Branded Company Pages

Customers won’t know what they’re supposed to do with the information they see in a social media posting unless there’s some kind of call to action. Tell them to head over to a branded company landing page that gives them the option to sign up for more information content and promotional materials. Once they’ve seen what kinds of things a brand has to offer, they’ll be more likely to engage with it directly. This is especially good advice for anyone who is trying to build up a portfolio of email addresses for use with some kind of direct marketing technique.

By following the advice given in this article, you will be able to create social media that resonates with customers.