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Having a brand is one of the hardest things one will ever have to do but what helps to make it that much easier is if there are some tips on how to ensure it will be a big success in the long run. That is where Jonathan Osler comes into the picture as he has been studying brands for more than 30 years now. So, he knows what it takes to ensure that it takes off. So that is why he is here to provide four tips on how to ensure that the brand does well in the long run. The first thing he recommends is to make sure the brand has a logo. This will not only ensure that it has more recognition, but it’ll make it a lot more relatable to all of the consumers out there. Whenever someone sees a check mark, they instantly think of Nike, whenever someone sees those golden arches, their mind will instantly go to, McDonalds & so the key is to find that same recognition with whatever brand the boss man is trying to sell. As long as that’s in place, there should be a lot of success in the future of the business. So, the next thing he recommends is to make sure that there are plenty of ads out there so that people know of the brand. One of the best ways to reach the widest audience is via social media as there are a lot of people who use it on a daily basis. The key to reaching as many people as possible is to use every last one of them whether it be LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter. But ideally it is best to ensure that it is all written in a professional tone as this will give them the idea that it is being run by people who know what they are doing. One of other elements of a good brand is to have some sort of celebrity endorse it. It doesn’t really matter who it is, but it should ideally be someone who is closely connected with the product. So, if they are trying to sell basketball shoes, it would be best to get someone who plays such as LeBron or Klay. By that same token, if they are trying to sell cars, it should be someone who has a lot of experience with driving such as Nascar legend Joey Logano. Finally, one of the best ways to ensure a successful brand is to make sure that the ad campaign is clear & consistent. This will show all of the consumers the devotion that they have to the brand & as such will make them more likely to want to buy whatever is being sold. It also shows that it is not being run by amateurs. So as long as they heed all of the advice of Jonathan Osler, they can be sure that their campaign will go on to be a success, which is the main goal.

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