Marketing doesn’t need to be painful and arduous. Some marketing techniques are actually rather simple, delivering speedy impact and a return on investment without you having to hire an entire marketing team to help you achieve your deliverables. In this article, we’ll look at four of the quickest ways that you can market your business online, using digital marketing techniques or outsourced help to make your firm far more visible. With these tips, you’ll be able to draw together a plan based on your own unique objectives and your marketing budget for the end of the year.


Marketing using SEO is simple, but it’ll take a little more time than some other marketing techniques. Critical to SEO marketing is the use of a blog or a place on your website where you can share information and keywords about your business and products. SEO marketing is all about boosting your position in Google’s search results, and to do this, you need to think about what consumers will be Googling to find products and services just like yours. These are the keywords that you’ll need to start including on your website in order to boost its ranking on Google.


Marketing on e-commerce platforms is different from marketing in the more general digital space. You’ll need to abide by the rules of that platform, finding ways to use their promotional features that’ll help you generate far more sales. This often means engaging with third parties who know exactly how to play the games that the likes of Amazon set up to help companies promote their products. Find an Amazon marketing company that suits your needs, and they’ll explain how they can boost your sales and increase your exposure on these all-important platforms.

Social Media

Using the likes of Facebook and Instagram to promote your products remains one of the best ways to get attention for your brand quickly – and often for a very low cost or even for free! You can generate hundreds and even thousands of impressions with one post as your followers and customers share your post with their friends. If you can curate great social media content that’s interesting to your target audience, these posts can generate a significant portion of your sales over the course of only a handful of weeks.


For a few years now, email marketing has been seen as an old hat. It’s regarded as something that ends up in the spam folder, annoying your customers rather than encouraging them back to your website. But this opinion is built on poorly executed email marketing, which peppers consumers with reminders about your company instead of more targeted messaging about deals and products that might be relevant to your target customers. When you’re planning a new email marketing campaign, consider how your email will come across to its recipients. If it’s just a plain promotion, it might be a little dull. But if it has exclusive deals and temporary offers, it might be more likely to encourage clicks to your website.