A few pointers on how to prosper while working remotely

TIP #1: Maintain contact and combat isolation

Water cooler conversations, back-and-forth quips in an open-plan office, those casual lunch break moments… With remote employment, the plethora of encounters that comprised our daily routines have been replaced by silent homes and videoconferences that are not necessarily conducive to human warmth. Isolation is a well-established phenomenon — in November 2020, 58% of individuals working from home full-time reported experiencing psychological anguish – and it should not be taken lightly.

A few pointers on how to maintain contact and combat feelings of isolation:

Take in music. It is scientifically established that certain genres of music have a favorable influence on the brain. Even more recently, a medical treatment dubbed the “Schubert bandage” has been devised to alleviate our pain and anxiety through music.

During virtual meetings whether using Klaxoon or not, turn on your camera (and encourage your colleagues to do the same!). Spending the entire day in front of a blank screen contributes to tiredness, decreases motivation, and creates a sense of dehumanization. Seeing the faces and expressions of others alters everything.

Reclaim the significance of your work. A sense of belonging and a need for significance are basic human needs. To retain motivation and engagement, managers must ensure that their staff truly believe they are contributing to the success of a shared project.

Establish rituals. Our past life’ daily routines have vanished; we must rebuild times together. For instance, a morning synchronization meeting is ideal for this. Within a fun framework that stimulates interaction, 15 minutes is sufficient time for everyone to submit their day’s plans. This way, you can maintain contact and collaborate more effortlessly!

TIP #2: Ensure that information is distributed properly.

“I heard Léa has a new job…”

; “Did you hear that the release date for the project has been accelerated?”

; “At first glance, it appears as though they are raising their communication budget.”

When we are separated by a great distance, hearsay takes the role of more dependable information obtained in the workplace. This can become a significant concern for management. It’s difficult not to feel excluded and upset when you learn information about yourself straight from a colleague. This type of situation breeds misconceptions, contributes to a sense of helplessness, saps motivation, and can foster a sense of injustice between office workers and those who work from home.

What everyone can do at their level is as follows:

  • Develop a feedback culture. It can be aggravating to simply say “okay, thanks” to a team member who brings you their work. And there is nothing more discouraging than receiving critique on your work from a stranger. It is critical to provide constructive comments in a methodical manner.
  • Opt for transparency. If rumors are circulating, you might as well play your cards straight with your employees. And if you are unable to answer all of their inquiries, state so! People usually appreciate an honest response – even if it is insufficient – since it alleviates frustration.
  • Convene brief team meetings to communicate pertinent information. To keep your team members informed and interested, it is advisable to plan a team meeting – even if it is only five minutes long – to provide information. Following the announcements, there may be a Q&A session. While it may seem minor, receiving information from your manager instills a sense of value in others, which is always welcomed.