Industries around the globe are putting a substantial portion of their ad dollars toward digital marketing campaigns. People are online more and more, and manufacturing businesses and their customers are no exception. 

Digital marketing helps these organizations connect with people on levels outside of just sales, which is especially important as today’s buyers browse websites and conduct their own online research, extending the typical purchasing journey. Consumers want to see engaging, personalized content from businesses when they turn to the internet. Successful digital marketing makes that happen.

So, what’s currently hot in digital marketing for manufacturing? This guide will cover a few key digital marketing trends for manufacturing companies.

1. Video Marketing

Internet users are all about videos (think TikTok and Instagram Reels). Videos can increase engagement significantly on marketing channels, and especially social media. A HubSpot survey showed that consumers want to see video content from brands they support more than any other content.

For instance, a U.S based on-demand manufacturing company produces fascinating teardown videos to show the parts and assembly required during the production process to better engage with audiences, provide a deeper understanding of popular consumer products.

Video technology can also be interactive when brands bring in comments or give webinars on new products and services. Video content can be repurposed and posted on social channels, too.

2. Digital Marketing Automation

Automation is taking the world by storm. Companies now incorporate a solid tech stack to speed up workflows and processes and boost efficiency. A few automation tools manufacturers should consider integrating include:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) platforms for managing leads and customer information
  • Analytics tools to track performance on social media, email, website, and more
  • Content management systems (CMSs) for the creation and management of online content

There are also email and social media tools out there that automatically track post performance and audience engagement, which manufacturers can use to build and manage their online presence.

3. Personalized Messaging

Because consumers have so many messages and brands to sift through when they start searching online, it’s crucial that manufacturing companies stand out. They need to focus more on delivering something of value to customers instead of solely trying to make the sale. 

Personalization is how this happens. Personalized content addresses audiences’ pain points and teaches them something. It takes the real person into account behind the data. Companies need to try to empathize with their customers and speak directly to them with marketing efforts to make the biggest impacts.

For example, there are tons of Pittsburgh CNC machining companies all wanting to be in front of the target audience. By creating content around what their target audience is searching for, a local CNC shop can stand out among the crowd. Another good idea is to fully complete their Google business profile, personalizing this as much as possible, which will help a CNC shop show up in the map results.

4. Fast Page Speeds

People want their questions answered fast, or they’ll move on to the next thing online. This not only means delivering valuable information right away; it also means making sure a business’s pages load quickly. Studies show that pages should load within three seconds. Otherwise, 40% of consumers say they won’t wait past that mark.

Improve Digital Marketing for Better Engagement With Manufacturing Customers

These digital marketing trends are driving the efforts of manufacturing companies. They require engaging, personalized content, automation tools, and fast web pages which can ultimately lead to better connections with customers.