No matter the size or age of your business, every business owner knows how crucial closing a sale is to the success of their business.

For small businesses, however, closing a sale is not only crucial to your success but also equally necessary for your growth. A continued lack of sales can put the future of your business at risk. There are plenty of things you can do to increase the number of sales you make, such as improving your advertising strategy, researching your competition, identifying your best audience, and adding incentives to make people buy your product. Below are some suggestions for how to overcome a lack of sales.

Identify Your Target Audience

Target marketing is a way of pursuing the clients whose desires and individual needs most closely match your product or service. By understanding your target audience and learning their motivations, you can deliver a tailor-made sales pitch that will be impossible to resist. This requires a complete breakdown of your entire current market, however small, into different segments including income, marital status, location, education level, age, and gender.


There are many advantages to investing time and money in advertising to enable overall expansion and, most crucially, to drive your sales up. These include:

  • Generating new and lucrative leads
  • Highlighting existing products and their enhancements
  • Improving your brand awareness and market presence
  • Driving immediate online sales
  • Raising industry profile
  • Increasing foot traffic (or online traffic depending on your business model)


The most tried and true way of boosting your sales is through a combination of employee and customer incentives.

For your existing customers, send a newsletter or email offering them unique deals if they recommend a friend or colleague to your service or product. Where appropriate, consider introducing a loyalty membership to encourage repeat customers, a proven tool in increasing sales over a longer period of time.

Embrace Business Financing

Technically, business financing won’t directly increase your sales. However, it does provide peace of mind while you focus on transforming your business and building your sales back up. If you are finding that you need extra help in this department, one step is to contact a specialist provider, such as Biz2Credit, to discuss your options and to find a small business loan that will suit your company and your needs. Specialist providers will also be able to help you understand all the steps you will need to take when you apply for business financing.

Study the Competition

Study the competition and adapt accordingly. Every successful business owner understands that to earn and maintain their place in their particular corner of the market, they must constantly be aware of their competitors and their standing within their industry in general. The most effective way of studying the competition is to conduct a competitive business analysis, which essentially analyzes your business and how it compares to others.

Additionally, spend time thinking about the way in which you structure your website and ensure any positive customer or client reviews are front and center.