Fire and rescue operations are incredibly important. They are one of the most valuable public services and their ability to be run efficiently and effectively is of paramount importance. Mistakes and inefficiencies can cost lives. That’s why has designed a comprehensive fire department software capable of making everything run optimally.

The entirety of all daily operations has been streamlined for optimum efficiency. From dispatch to return, keep track of where your units are and when. Make sure that your units arrive at the scene as quickly as possible to greatly increase their chances of saving lives. Wasted time can lead to unnecessary losses. That’s why this software is so valuable.

Intuitive patient input is vital for efficient data collection, that’s why Zolldata have made it as simple as possible. All data is stored on the cloud so it is immediately transferable between all devices. This saves time and makes the lives of the responders so much easier. There is even an inbuilt quick-fill feature that auto-fills repetitive information, such as name and address, saving it from having to be done manually.

The data inputted by the responder is automatically integrated with all EMS data management and the billing department. This cuts down on lost information and man-hours spent manually transferring all data. Time is money, and this software saves you plenty of both.

It also makes storing and managing data relevant to the responders themself easier. It tracks supplies usage, time on the scene, and exactly what happened. It makes documenting and report filing so much easier as all the data is recorded for them. This leaves more time for doing important things, and less time spent on clerical tasks. This saves money and boosts morale. No one joins the fire department to do paperwork, they do it to save lives.