McDonald’s is after your business, now more than ever. With corporate profits plateauing, the company is turning to high tech to woo consumers back inside the Golden Arches. For the past 7 months the fast food monolith has coughed up several hundred million dollars to purchase technology firms that focus on A.I. and also machine learning. McDonald’s has even gone so far as to establish their own tech hub right in the middle of Silicon Valley. It’s called McD Tech Labs, and it employees a team of crack data experts and engineers to perfect a voice-recognition program that identifies the hungry drive through customer and charges their debit or credit card before it’s even picked up at the window. 
Now, the chain is making no secret of its desire to feed consumers quicker and more conveniently, and to get them to order more each time they pass thru the drive-thru. Their new digital boards are set up to make their items more toothsome as they calculate factors such as the current weather, time of day, what menu items are trending and projected wait times. If its a hot muggy day, for instance, the board will prominently display shakes and iced tea. And after the order is placed the board will display other menu items that would compliment the meal in a subtle attempt to ‘supersize’ every order.