The world of freelance writing is vast to say the least. There are so many companies out there looking for writers for one reason or another. Even individuals are looking for people that can help make their resumes look flawless. LinkedIn pages even require edits from writers as this is a person’s online resume in many respects. Establishing a freelance writing business is not hard as all you need is a computer and internet access. Writing is much like any other artform as you will improve the more you write as long as you are getting constructive feedback. The following are tips to set your freelance writing business up for success. 

Understand Your Maximum Workload 

Writers that are willing to work long hours are going to make more money on average. The last thing that you want is to lose a client due to missing a deadline from overestimating your productivity during a specific month. You need to time yourself writing specific pieces for clients that you have on a regular basis. Hitting deadlines along with communication are key in keeping clients happy. Most clients will give you far less direction after working with you for a while so keep this in mind. If you feel a client is micromanaging, they just want the content to come out how they envisioned it. If you deliver this time after time, they will give you a lot more freedom in terms of what you are writing. 

You will need a home office whether it is in one of many monster series sheds or an extra bedroom. Being able to focus on work for hours will help maximize your overall income. Distractions are plentiful when working from home so it is your job to neutralize them. 

Value Your Work/Time Appropriately 

Freelance writers can get themselves into trouble if they do not value their work appropriately. Most freelance writers have a full-time job before they decide to take on the freelance life full-time. You want to make sure you are charging the right amount per hour or per word. Writers that are extremely productive are going to want to charge by the word rather than hourly. Expert knowledge on a topic can allow you to make immense amounts of money for a single piece of content. Medical writing is the perfect example of this as it is very technical. 

Drop Nightmare Clients 

There are going to be those clients that constantly try to drive your rates down. For bulk work, this might be an option if they promise you work for the extended future. Others want a discount before even working with you for a substantial amount of time. Both of these clients can be dealt with but those that refuse to pay after work is delivered need to be dropped. If you content is being used without payment online, you can issue a DMCA takedown notice as it is your intellectual property until it is paid for. Drop nightmare clients as you will see your stress melt away.

Freelance writing can offer an immense amount of freedom for an individual. Make sure you can thrive financially while enjoying this newfound freedom.

By Manager