At the time of this writing, there is no video hosting platform in the known universe more popular and accessible than YouTube. With more than 2 billion logged-in monthly users, YouTube’s traffic consists of more than 74% of all adults in the United States of America. Aspiring entrepreneurs and entertainers alike can benefit by taking advantage of the huge ecosystem of traffic that YouTube has put in place, but it requires effort and attention when setting up a new YouTube profile.

Today, we are going to explore how new YouTubers can optimize their profile like this YouTube channel for success in 2022 to build their brand and expand their business.

Creating a New YouTube Profile

Video content has long been one of the best ways of engaging with potential audiences. More than just uploading content, getting your video in front of your targeted audience can require a bit of work outside of the actual, well, work. To make sure that your YouTube profile grows organically and successfully, we’ll need to make sure that we enact a few key pieces of advice.

Here are a few ways that YOU can optimize your YouTube profile in 2022.

1. Develop Your Focus Keywords

First and foremost, YouTube content creators should take a long look at what they produce and where it fits within the current YouTube landscape. In doing so, pay careful attention to any special keywords that are particularly notable to your niche. You cannot simply stuff these keywords into your content, however, as they need to be relevant to the videos that you upload. Try to find a balance between popular keywords and keywords without much competition.

2. Get Your Description Perfect

YouTube videos don’t have the same access to SEO practices that conventional text promotions do. With that being said, you can use the description box of your YouTube video to reach your targeted audience. Search for similar content on YouTube and find out which keywords helped those descriptions rise to the top. With an optimized description consisting of around 250 words and a couple of focal keywords, your content should be good to go.

3. Focus on Long Format Content

There used to be a meme that the internet was filled with people and short attention spans, but this isn’t the case anymore. Longer-form content has grown increasingly popular on YouTube and that has led to a surge in engagement. YouTube likes to keep viewers engaged because it can serve more advertisements to its audience. Focus on creating longer videos that are engaging enough to retain your viewership. A great way to inspire people to stick around is by creating time-stamped chapters in your description box so that they may skip to the parts that interest them the most.

4. Make Your Content Accessible

Finally, take good care to make your content as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. At a minimum, consider having your content captioned with closed captions. Closed captioning helps your viewers while getting Google to push your content up in the rankings.

There are no shortcuts to success in the digital space, but with hard work and some patience, your content can find a home and an audience on YouTube.