The freelance industry is booming in today’s world with some individuals earning supplemental income while others freelance full-time. Freelancing full-time can be stressful as you rely on yourself for your income. You are effectively the sales team, marketing team, and production team at once. Freelancing is not for everyone as staying motivated week in and week out can be nothing short of exhausting. Set goals to grow your freelance business and then put in strategies that will help you attain these goals. The following are tips to run your own freelance business and make a healthy income. 

Value Your Time Appropriately

Valuing your time appropriately can be a difficult thing to do. Looking at the rates of other freelancers can allow you to generate a reasonable rate for your skills. People that are ultra-productive will want to work on a per-project basis. Others that work a bit more slowly might want to work hourly projects in order to maximize their income. If you worked in a marketing agency setting, showcase these skills. Saying you worked at an eCommerce digital marketing agency or one that specializes in legal marketing can help land targeted clients for higher rates. 

Ask Current Clients For Referrals 

Current clients might have more work that they want to have done but are unsure of your personal bandwidth. Asking for more work from current clients when you are doing a great job should be seamless. Current clients might not have more work that they need to be done. Asking for a referral can be immensely helpful as most people want to help a freelancer that they have grown to like personally. Reconnecting with old clients that didn’t need work done anymore is another great idea. Companies would rather work with a freelancer that they know rather than a stranger that could miss a deadline or disappear. 

If you work in the local area as a photographer or video artist, entering into competitions can gain exposure. The Digital Excellence Awards are a great example of this. Listing your services or small LLC on directories can be immensely beneficial. 

Reach Out To Old Colleagues 

Old professional contacts that you built strong relationships can be valuable resources. LinkedIn is the easiest way to reach out to old colleagues for a reference or referral. You might find that someone recently moved to a company that works frequently with freelancers. Leverage those professional favors that you have stored up in the past. The worst thing anyone could say is that they will not give you a referral which is not the end of the world. 

Understand That At Times You Will Work Long Hours 

You can set your own hours when freelancing but this will require long hours at times. The last thing you want is to have too little business and a little too much in terms of work results in a healthy income. Working on the weekends even for a few hours per day can earn hundreds per month and thousands per year. Long hours can generate far more money and you can reserve weekends for easier tasks. Rush writing projects are a perfect example of being paid more to knock a project out in a few days. 

The freelance world can provide a level of professional freedom that you have not encountered before. Growing a business while working from anywhere in the world can provide a truly beautiful work-life balance. Hone your writing or web design skills and start landing clients for more and more per hour/project.