Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms. It was developed for social interactions among people around the globe via photo sharing.

But now, Instagram is more than just a photo sharing platform that normal people use just for fun. Due to its massive global popularity and user base, it has become one of the leading platforms to get famous as an individual or to grow your online business.

A loyal and huge follower base on an Instagram account can completely change a business in a positive way. Hence, having a good and large amount of followers on your Instagram account is very important if you’re willing to get famous or grow your business.

So, here I have discussed the best of the best and fully working ways that you can use to gain more Instagram followers. All of these ways are fully working and I can guarantee you a surge growth in your Instagram followers if you follow these completely and consistently.

How To Gain More Instagram Followers

Believe it or not, but growing on Instagram is not a tough job as long as you and your content is legit and not copied.

But still, there are some simple things that everyone must follow in order to grow. Here are those crucial things that you should remember plus some tips for faster growth.

8 Tips to Grow and Gain more followers on Instagram

In order to gain more followers one should always focus on maximizing the reach of your content. Maximum reach will lead to more engagement of the users with your content and hence more profile visits. And the more the people visit your profile, more are the chances that they will follow your insta account.

You can follow these tips to maximize your reach on Instagram.

  1. Consistent Posting

Consistent and regular content publishing is one of the key elements to make Instagram push your content to new users. Studies show that the more often you post, the more likes and followers you get. Posting at least once a day should be your minimum frequency and any post above that is always a good move.

  1. Use Quality Hashtags and Location Tag

Hashtags plays a really very crucial role in telling Instagram what your post is all about. If you have used a proper amount of quality hashtags in your posts then it will automatically be pushed by Instagram across its platform. Research shows nine is an optimal number of hashtags for maximum engagement. So always try to use at least 9 related and trending hashtags and the location tag for better engagement.

  1. See What’s Trending

There’s always something that trends on Instagram just like any other social media. And that trending thing can be your golden opportunity. Try to incorporate that trend in your posts by relating your post with it as this practice can easily increase your reach and exposure to newer audiences.

  1. Use Stories, Videos and Live

Not just focus on getting new followers. You have to take care of your existing follower base. Keep iterating with them and engage with them. Use stories to keep them updated with what you are doing. Do Instagram Live in order to do one on one conversation and interaction with your audience. Also, try to use videos in your posts because videos are more likely to engage the audience than still images.

  1. Posting on Your Best Times

Posting regular content is definitely a really very effective way to gain growth. But to make the most out of it, you should figure out the  best times when you should post your content. This thing varies from account to account at which time their followers are most active. For example, if you have maximum followers from a specific region then you should post your content as per the timing of that region.

  1. Collaborations

Collaborating and exchanging audiences from your niche can definitely grow your followers. You can collaborate in two ways. Either by partnership or by sponsorship. If you are not willing to pay then partnership collaboration is the best way of collaboration in which both the account holders can promote each other on their respective accounts. However, if you have enough budget then hiring influencers to promote your insta can be really very helpful.

  1. Cross-Post

Buzzsumo study of more than one billion facebook posts found that images posted on Facebook through Instagram gets more engagement than the normal posts. Hence, you can surely get maximum results by cross-posing your content to Facebook, twitter, Tumblr, etc.  Always grab the opportunity to embed your insta account or feed wherever possible like on your blog and Facebook page.

  1. Branding

I would also recommend you to create branding of your posts by using a specific style or template for your posts. This will make you stand out from the rest of the competition and will impart a unique identity to your account.


These are some of the best practices and tips that you should follow in order to have a great, responsive and loyal audience on your Instagram. Always try to maintain your consistency, quality and brand to sustain and grow on Instagram. Number of loyal followers are always directly proportional to your account’s success and initial push is always required for starting any business from zero level. Hence you can also get free followers on Instagram from sites such as ProjectInsta which can provide an initial push in your audience quantity.

However if you’re extremely serious and want a loyal and responsive follower base then following the above mentioned practices and tips are the best way to do so. Also remember, to get loyal followers you’ll have to be loyal with your followers about what you are serving to them. Trust is the base foundation of all kinds of relationships including the influencer and follower relationship.