The worldwide pandemic generated more than one drastic change for businesses everywhere, including a heavier reliance for many on an online eCommerce platform. Now, there are millions of eCommerce websites all over the internet. For organizations depending on their eCommerce website sales or the additional revenue stream, how can standing out and achieving customer loyalty be sought? 

Nate Mell, Felt+Fat CEO, has the answer. Felt+Fat started in Philadelphia after Mell was confronted with the opportunity to design a beautiful line of plates for Eli Kulp’s award-winning restaurant ‘High Street on Market.’ Now, having worked with over 100 restaurants worldwide and producing more than 30,000 pieces annually, the ceramic design and manufacturing studio has found the sweet-spot to gaining customer loyalty through their eCommerce online sales. Below, Mell gives insight into ten tips on earning customer loyalty on your eCommerce website, similar to his approach to Felt+Fat.

1. Make Sure Your Website Is a Piece of Art

Modernize your eCommerce website and make it aesthetically pleasing so that customers will enjoy browsing on it. Treat your platform as a piece of art like your customers have the option to buy it and take it home because they love it that much. 

2. Follow Up with Customers 

Build relationships with customers who purchase items from your eCommerce website by following up with them and asking them for feedback. 

3. Give the Gift of Freebies

It is cheaper to keep an old customer loyal than generate new consumers. Don’t hesitate to surprise your loyal customers (and first-time ones, too) with the gift of a free product from your website. 

4. Always Keep Fresh Products on Sale or Discounted

There are two types of shoppers to be aware of: shoppers who shop and shoppers who save. Shoppers who shop will most likely browse your new products or entire eCommerce store, while shoppers who save will go directly to your sale or discounted products. Keep deals fresh to make sure your bargain hunters are consistently coming back for more. 

5. Launch an Online Customer Loyalty Program 

Creating an online customer loyalty or rewards program is an excellent strategy to keep customers returning to your eCommerce website. For online platforms, the best approach for a rewards program usually is giving loyalty points that consumers can save up and use for future purchase discounts or free items in the future.  

6. See Complaints as Opportunities

Do not be afraid of complaints from customers. Complaints are opportunities to better your eCommerce website and make your consumers feel heard. 

7. Allow Customer to Save Favorites

Want to make a product stick in a customer’s mind? Create a way on your eCommerce website that allows browsers to save favorites so that they can create a wish list. 

8. Offer More Than One Payment Option

Some people are afraid to use their credit cards through online portals outside of trusted sources like PayPal. The more payment options available, the higher chance of still gaining these types of consumers as loyal customers. 

9. Keep Consumer Information Safe with Security 

One way to lose customer loyalty is if a hacker gets ahold of a consumer’s credit card number through your eCommerce website. Increase your security to make sure you avoid that scenario. 

10. Integrate an Informational Blog

Informational blogs are a great way to have another reason for consumers to enjoy visiting your website. They might come for the information but leave with a product. 

About Nathaniel Mell

Nathaniel Mell is the founder and CEO of Felt+Fat, a ceramic design, and manufacturing studio based in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. In 2013, Mell was asked to design a set of plates for what would become the award-winning restaurant ‘High Street on Market.’ Since then, the Felt and Fat studio and team have grown exponentially through Mell’s leadership to become a go-to manufacturer for design-conscious restaurateurs.