Collecting valuable consumer data plays a significant role in the success of a business when it comes to addressing customer needs. There are many different ways to go about gathering data for marketing and product purposes, and one of those techniques is referred to as social listening.

Everest Business Funding works with entrepreneurs to better their business operations by providing working capital. With a dedicated team of employees striving to be customer-focused and deliver quality service, social listening is critical for ensuring that goal is appropriately executed. Everest Business Funding goes into greater detail, defining the technique and its significance.

What Is Social Listening? 

Social listening is a strategy that guides access to some of the most valuable data that social media presents with the ability to grow any brand or business. The term is defined as the practice of tracking mentions and analyzing conversations and trends surrounding a brand, product, competitor, and industry news to gain insight and results to more intelligent marketing decisions. Social listening gives marketing teams the capability to understand target audiences and customers more personally through social media conversations that mention a business’ specific brand or product. The strategy also gives way to staying current with trends and influencers as well as providing a closer look at what people genuinely think about a brand.

Why Is Social Listening Important?

When talking about social media trends for 2022, two-thirds of marketers agree that the value of social listening for businesses has escalated over this past year. The importance of social listening is the knowledge it brings to the table, and the actions provoked in response to such data.

Besides being in “the know” about what others are saying about a brand, product, or competitors, social listening is an excellent tool for creating impactful future marketing campaigns. When seeing both negative and positive responses to a brand and other competitors firsthand, marketing teams can build a more accurate campaign to boost positive impact and address adverse reactions with solutions.

Social listening also supplies a tactic for discovering opportunities. The opportunities include:

  • Finding new leads.
  • Improving consumer interaction and content planning.
  • Pulling ahead of the competition.
  • Generating proactive partnerships.
  • Enhancing SEO (search engine optimization) through keyword usage.

Businesses can find trending keywords to use in content posts to boost rankings on Google and search engines when social listening.

Enhance Customer Service

The mass majority, or fifty-nine percent, of people in the United States, agree that both questions and issues are more easily addressed and settled when working with customer service over social media. A company might find its online sales declining. With social listening, a customer might come forth with a specific complaint about that company’s website functionality, ultimately identifying the “why” behind the problem of online sales and quickly addressing the consumer, and working on a solution. Once the website is more accurately suited to serve customer needs and ease of functionality, a marketing campaign can be strategically put into play to advertise the new improvements and attract new and reoccurring buyers. 

About Everest Business Funding

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