We all know that cell phones have substantially changed the way that we communicate, access data, and generally handle our day-to-day lives but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t major misconceptions about them.

One of the most obvious is that cell phones are bad for the environment. There has been a lot of talk throughout the years about the environmental impact of cell phones and what they mean for the atmosphere around us.

But it might provide a bit of a surprise to know that cell phones can actually have positive impacts on the world around us, at least environmentally speaking.

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So, what are the positives of cell phones and their impact on the environment?

Shopping More Responsibly

It might not seem like shopping can have a positive impact on the environment but stop to consider the facts. The fact is that we consume a certain number of things no matter what. Being able to consume these things in the most eco-friendly way possible is a step in the right direction.

Shopping online versus buying locally is a whole other debate for another time, but there is another thing to consider. When you’ve decided how you’re going to shop, you can check various platforms right there on your phone to find out which are the best businesses to buy from.

That means finding products that are more sustainably made and will provide the smallest footprint on the environment. Good Guide, for example, makes use of your phone’s camera to scan bar codes. When you have scanned that bar code, it allows you to find out more information about that product, like its sustainability impact, what it is made of, and so on.

Another way it has made shopping more responsible is using GPS to map out sustainable businesses in the area near you. Being able to not only locate these sustainable businesses but contact them a moment later gives users the quick, instant access that we have become accustomed to.

Essentially, cell phones are giving us as much information as possible to make the best decisions possible. Whether that means shopping for more sustainable goods or a litany of other things, they are all just a tap away with a cell phone.