White glove services are special in many respects; think of it as a high-level logistical operation, whereby technical equipment is transported, installed and set up, ready for use.

Another name that comes to mind is Shiply. People have mixed them up many times, yet they remain very different tools but not in their efficiencies. Shiply is an online resource where so many services similar to White glove are offered, and where you can get Prices up to 75% less than usual, while White glove sort of hits the nail on the head where logistics and component installation is concerned. There are many business sectors that require white glove services, and here are a few examples.

Access Control

Our cities are growing, and the more people there are, the harder it is to control access, and major mass transportation systems need efficient access control solutions that work by recognising a magnetic strip on a card or a special token that enables the holder to pass through the gate.

Banking & Retail

ATM installations are obviously essential, and they are springing up everywhere, and these complex machines must be transported and set up, which takes special skills. Let’s not forget the huge data centres that banks & financial organisations use, all of which must be transported and installed, and in the event a bank needs to expand their data collection, they would contact a white glove company that specialises in setting up data centres.

Digital Signage & Kiosks

This is a growing industry, as the digital tech explosion continues to bring us new technology, and it takes a special provider to transport and install digital signage. These items can be very large and it takes a special set of skills to install and configure digital signage and set up kiosks. The leading UK white glove services provider is a company called Rhenus High Tech Ltd who have a wealth of experience in white glove services.


A growing sector, the fitness industry uses a lot of technical equipment and the white glove provider is the ideal company to facilitate the delivery and installation of the various items of equipment. The white glove company can pre-survey the site to ensure that the equipment will fit and should any changes need to be made, they can prepare the site.


This sector is the future of the manufacturing, and if your company is looking to install automated robotics in your factory or warehouse, you will need special assistance to transport and install the automation. You might wish to install a semi-automated warehouse system, and that requires specialist transportation and installation, and the white glove technicians are fully conversant with the equipment and are able to train staff on how to use the equipment.

The Telecommunication Industry

Both fixed wire and wireless telecommunication systems require specialist handling, and it takes a lot of work and coordination to set up a nationwide network, which is the type of work carried out by the white glove service provider. When old telecommunication systems are redundant, reverse logistics and disposal are required.

Vending & Gaming Machines

These are heavy and very delicate at the same time and you need specialist help to have them delivered, then the machines require professional setting up and testing. The white glove service provider would have a department that work exclusively with gaming and entertainment machines, and would be industry-approved by the manufacturers.

If you are looking for white glove services, an online search will help you locate a leading company and they can handle the entire operation, making sure that the equipment is installed correctly.

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