The divorce has been in the works for over a year now, and it’s been an ugly one — with both sides, in fact many sides, making accusations and hurling insults at one another. This is no ordinary domestic squabble — it’s Brexit, one of the most tangled and messy separations in European history. But it appears that a dim light at the end of the tunnel has been spotted; both the European Union and Great Britain have finally agreed to a draft text that allows for the final Brexit split to take place. The draft, announced in both Paris and London this morning, is a long-awaited breakthrough that has boosted stock exchanges and currency markets not just in Europe but around the globe. 

That’s not to say it’s a done deal. Not yet. A similar agreement was inked by Boris Johnson’s predecessor, Ms. Theresa May, six months ago, and the EU was prepared to go along with it. But after three no-confidence votes in the British Parliament Ms. May had to call a general election and then step down as Prime Minister, paving the way for Boris Johnson’s entrance onto the world stage. PM Johnson, however, has assured Britons that this time the deal will go through and Brexit will happen come rain or shine — or another no confidence vote.