The internet is a space that can be confusing. If you  are an entrepreneur and are wondering how you can effectively sell online or what opportunities are available in the digital space for making  profit, the following are ways you can make that extra coin in 2020.

E-Commerce Platforms  

Say you want to sell your own products online. There are various top online platforms; small businesses and individuals are using it to generate income, read now. They include:


This is a platform that specializes in selling different custom, handmade crafts, and vintage items. If you are looking to sell a unique item, then Etsy is the platform for you. You need to register for an account and pay a $0.20 listing pay. You get to pay the other fees when you make your sale.


Want to sell niche products? Then Amazon is the platform for you. You can sell all kinds of products; electronics, books, furniture, fashion items; it is a platform that is great for startups. Once you open an account and it is confirmed, you get to pay the fees required depending on the product you are selling; you can start selling. They will do most of the heavy lifting for you. To do well on Amazon, ensure that you use quality graphics and great product descriptions. 

Cross-Selling Platforms

There are also various cross-selling platforms such as Go Antique and Open Sky that allow for the integration of different platforms whereby they get to sell supplementary products that the customer could be interested in. 

There are many methods and platforms available today for online selling. As a seller, you need to find a suitable platform for your product, to sell profitably.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is whereby one gets to earn a commission by selling a company’s product. It is an online marketing program that earns one a commission. You get a product or service, promote it then through affiliate links, and you get to earn a commission. 

The affiliate marketing structure is as follows:


A marketer can get paid by promoting the product directly to clients and gets paid per sale. 


This is whereby one can direct potential buyers to the seller’s site and get paid for the lead, not necessarily for completing the sale.


Once the salesperson gets to direct the buyer to the seller’s website from their platform, they get to be paid for the traffic they generate on the seller’s website.

Affiliate marketing is a cost-effective way of making money online. Affiliate programs are all about reviewing products and constantly creating content that markets them via vis other products. You can promote the products using scheduled email campaigns, posting on various social media platforms, and creating content on your blog/website.

What products can be sold in an affiliate program?

Just about anything that can be sold on the internet; books, financial services, electronics, beauty products, and clothing, as long as it is within an incentivized affiliate program, can be successfully sold to online consumers.