The Trump administration and most of Congress have begun warning the American public in earnest that several large Chinese corporations are now dedicated to gouging money from the American investing public as well as the stock market in order to subvert American democratic principles. The Treasury Department is contemplating new rules and procedures that will block the flow of American greenback into Chinese coffers. And that includes a highly unlikely source; the federal retirement fund.

Federal employees all participate in something called Thrift Savings Plans, including White House and Congressional staff, and many military members. As it stands right now the fund is heavily invested in the Chinese market, throwing billions of dollars into Chinese coffers where it can be diverted by autocratic decree to any purpose Beijing wants. In 2020 the Thrift Savings Plans will begin investing even more in Chinese markets, because Chinese stocks and bonds are among the highest yielding in the world. United States Treasury bonds can’t even begin to compete with their Chinese counterparts. If Congress wakes up to the prodding of the Trump administration, that free flow of Amercian money to China will be reversed by legislation banning the Thrift Savings Plans from investing one red cent in any corporation considered a potential threat to United States security.