Social media is where people go to find content and communicate with their friends and those that they follow. There is a lot of action on social media, which makes it a great place for your business to be active.

You have the opportunity to attract new supporters and customers, and they can then be converted into paying customers. But, before that can happen you need to be sure that your business is active on these networks and has a strong presence.

Here are five of the must have social profiles. If you are missing any on this list you need to take action now and get those profiles completed.

1. Google My Business

While Google isn’t really a standalone social media network, it’s the largest search engine, and your Google My Business profile is where they pull data from for their search results. If someone is typing in a search online, they pull from there. If someone is performing a voice command search on their phone, Google pulls from this information.

“You have to have a fully optimized Google My Business profile if you want to be found,” says Chris Dziak of Pure Nootropics. Google is the source of the most website traffic, so if you aren’t found here you might as well just quit now.

2. Facebook

This is the biggest social network. Everyone from kids to their grandparents have Facebook profiles. So many people now use Facebook for everything, from messaging to looking for local businesses.

You should have a business profile on Facebook. Not only will it help you pull in customers, but you also need one if you plan on running ads on Facebook, and today, it’s one of the most profitable online marketing options available, giving you access to anyone.

3. Instagram

Since Instagram is owned by Facebook a lot of the information is the same. For example, if you run Instagram ads you use the same targeting options that Facebook offers. “It’s a little harder to market on Instagram compared to Facebook, but there is still a huge audience here and it’s important that you have a strong presence,” says Chris Moberg of Slumber Search.

Be sure to experiment with the Stories feature as well as IGTV. These are options that allow you to create video content and share it with your followers.

4. Twitter

Twitter is dead. Nobody uses Twitter any more. This is what we always hear, but if you look, Twitter is highly active and many are predicting that it’s finally starting to reach its full potential.

While there are plenty of ways to use it for attracting interest, its ads platform is very affordable and while most people are focused on Facebook ads you can take advantage of the low cost traffic available on Twitter.

5. Yelp

“Yelp is a review platform and most users access it on their mobile devices as the other versions are limited and prompt the user to install the app,” explains the owner of National Pool Fences.

Why Yelp? Well, simply put most consumers trust reviews and always look at reviews before making a purchase decision. So, your Google reviews will always come into play, but as a review-only resource, Yelp is the most influential.